2017 Marketing Trends for Construction, Engineering and Technology Companies

Do you want to expand your visibility in the marketplace, build customer confidence in your brand, and grow sales revenues from existing and new customers?

As you continue to communicate with a variety of audiences, we recommend the following marketing trends. These recommendations are built on our first-hand experience in construction, engineering and technology marketing and also on what we see as major trends impacting these industries in 2017.


STRONG BRAND IDENTITY: Elevate The Quality Of Your Brand across all channels and marketing mediums

BIG DATA: Gathering Data And Augmenting Existing Data on your customers, your website visitors, your email recipients, and your competitors to continually adjust and improve based on the data.

CONTACT DATABASE: Growing And Managing your contact database to profile the target audience(s) as tightly as possible and communicate directly to their needs.

AFFILIATION & CERTIFICATION AUDIT: Ensure that you are capitalizing on all available certifications and bid pre-approval opportunities for your geographic footprint.

VIDEO: Recent research from HubSpot shows that by adding video to your website and other marketing channels you can significantly increase conversion rates.

GREEN BUILDING/ENVIRONMENTAL FRIENDLINESS COMMUNICATIONS: Green building has gained momentum over the past few years in both commercial and residential construction. Focusing part of your marketing communications around the sustainability and reduced environmental impact on projects is key.

BUILDING & STRENGTHING KEY RELATIONSHIPS: Increased focus on growing and strengthening your relationships with clients, potential clients, contractors, affiliates, partners, government, community, and industry professionals.

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